About Us

Since 1998 Millennium Conferencing Systems Pvt. Ltd has been delivering quality audio video solutions. We have successfully managed to eradicate physical barriers and bring the world closer via our voice and video conferencing systems and equipments.

Our extensive range of communication options ensure that correspondence always remains smooth and free from any kind of unpredictable patterns of traffic and distances. Our advanced audio video conferencing technology has given many Indian and global organizations the advantage of uninterrupted efficiency and problem free functioning.

Based out of the burgeoning city of Pune, we cater to some of the biggest names in the Industry. Giant organizations have faith in the reliable audio video solutions empowered by the advanced technology incorporated within each level of our distinct hierarchy. It is our endeavor to strengthen communication links by providing state of the art audio and video conferencing systems, coupled with other audio video solutions.

We partner with some of the best names in the Industry like - Polycom, AMX, Epson, Dell, Panasonic, Extron, Sharp, etc. to come up with a range of equipments which enhance the quality of your conferences. Be it the medicine and the health Industry or the fast booming corporate sector; more and more industries are relying on the successful implementation of audio and video conferencing solutions to boost the speed of communication and further deliver efficient services catering to their needs.

Millennium prides itself on being a part of the technological world which is shrinking the size of the globe and bringing the world closer together.